Painters Insurance in Bergen County, NJ

Insuring your Painting Business

Painting businesses are extremely common these days. All over the globe, there is an increase in building construction and with that, an increase in the need for painters. Painting businesses are starting up everywhere, with each of them
eager to get as much work as possible. One very important issue many of these companies ignore in the creation of their businesses is – insurance! Insurance is a key element for all businesses in today’s world. The painting business needs insurance coverage just like any other business. Let’s review some of the reasons why painters insurance in Bergen County, NJ is so important!

Why would a painting business need insurance?

A painting business may seem like a very low risk business, but there are a lot of hazards involved. Paint or a piece of equipment could fall on one of your employees or clients, which could result in injury. An expensive piece of your equipment could get damaged while on a job and be very costly to fix.  There is also the risk of being sued by a customer or an employee that could lead to big financial losses for your business. Over time, due to the extreme physicality of being a painter, some workers may get hurt or fatigued and need time off. If they are hurt badly, they may need medical care, or be out of work indefinitely. Usually painting businesses pay for worker’s medication and sometimes their time off. This is where insurance could be extremely helpful.
Often, not only does the painting business itself need to be covered with insurance, but the contractors, handymen, developers, builders, etc. need to have insurance as well.  

What types of insurance do painting businesses require

Painters insurance in Bergen County, NJ can cover a lot of different types of policies. Some of these policies are:

  • Business Owner Policy

    Basic insurance liabilities are often not enough to cover and protect a business, so this policy could be helpful. A business owner policy covers property, theft, and even the loss of income. It is a great way to protect your company, under different circumstances.

  • Worker’s Compensation

    By law, small businesses must provide protection for their employees, which is what this policy does. Worker’s Compensation may cover medical expenses that an employee may incur from work on the job. It may also take care of a portion of lost wages the employee could face when out of work.

  • Automobile Insurance

    This type of policy insures the company vehicles of your business but can vary by different policies and states. Injuries that are suffered in a business vehicle accident are handled by the automobile insurance company. This protects the employees and owners by having any accidents covered.
Painters insurance in Bergen County, NJ is a “must have” for businesses and is the best way to ensure that your company is at less risk and runs more smoothly. A good insurance policy guarantees you and your business are not under threat of a lawsuit, as it helps pay for damages and legal proceedings. Also, good insurance can help raise your employees’ morale, and make them and your clients feel more comfortable working with your business.
 There is no need to look any further! We are the company that can supply your painting business with the most suitable insurance policies. We understand how very important insurance is to your business and we have designed our policies to help your company. Please, give us a call today, so we can help you find the policy that is perfect for your business!


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